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Our Recreation Vehicle Adventure

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Well we have finally decided that a house that didn't go anywhere is not the way to go! You know, you want to go to the beach, it is over 400 miles to the closest one so you pack up the car, grab the kids, and the dog and off you go.

What we didn't tell you was what you had to pack your clothes for the area you are going to, make hotel reservations, pay for food, and gas that you have to plan for. So why not pack it once and forget the hotel, food and plans! Jump in the Recreation Vehicle and go!

This is a web site about our adventure from the day we decided to buy the recreation vehicle, what it cost, what it looks like, and our trials and tribulations while we travel around the US of A in our 1975 GMC Palm Beach!

After 5 years and much work the Misses says it must GO! So....

1975 GMC Palm Beach for sale, make an offer...
If you want to make an offer use the Contact Me page, all offers will be considered...


Our Brand New 1975 GMC Palm Beach (well new to us!)

Who am I? I am a retired member of the US Air Force, then a retired IT wizard. Now don't get me wrong the economic down turn didn't have any thing to do with this decision. When I walked away from a good paying job and found out that the IT world was already in a down turn. After two years of searching for a job and not finding one that paid for the gas to get to the job we decided to go RV'n. Why not? We are going to take some money out of our retirement account, buy the recreation vehicle, set it up with the stuff we want while we are out looking at America.

So where do we go from here? Considering we live in the South West at the start of this Adventure and winter is coming maybe we will go north until my bones tell me we need to go south again. :)

Our plans for this site are simple, give you the information the easy way, after all isn't it better to learn from someone else's mistakes?

From the actual research to the purchase, to the setup with some ideas we have for what we need to survive the 'Adventure' to where we go and what we do when we get there.

My apologies to those that follow this  adventure but there has been a few bumps in the road that has delayed my work on the restoration/renovation of our 1975 GMC Palm Beach RV. (see our About the owners page for the reasons...)

So now to get this show on the ROAD!

New pages added:

Do to the economic down turn and the lack of funds from my other web sites this project is on hold for a short time...


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