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Customizing your RV

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Most RV's come with everything built in and then some. But there is always room for customizing the RV.

But I want more! Such as satellite Internet! Now how am I going to do that? Well there is a new player in town, hugesnet.com. They do satellite internet and you don't have to have a phone line to make your outgoing transmission! Talk about mobile computing, no WiFi hot spots for me! Cool!

Because I am a computer tech, network engineer, and a web developer I am going to install a network in the RV, now this would be a simple task if I went the cheap route, wireless. But Wireless has some large disadvantages that would put our data at risk (do you know what a "hacker" is?) so I will be looking in to how to wire the RV.

I also want to consider doing solar panels on our RV, now this will be an experiment so hang on, it may not work but if ya don't try ya don't know! Why solar? Well once you get over the shock of paying for the panels then the power is FREE! (Ah.. no. There is a draw back to this scheme: You need to collect the power and store it in batteries, that is it will be a "trickle charge", then you can use the power from the batteries when the sun goes down instead of a generator but you will need a lot of batteries.)

I am not a huge TV fan, there are a few TV shows I watch so I am in a quandary about getting cable tv for the RV, such as Direct TV, part of the consideration is the cost. The antenna on the roof is not a problem I could make it swivel and collapsible with a little work. ( I found a Direct TV antenna in a dome that can be mounted on the roof of a RV or trailer and be adjusted remotely at Camping World - see ad on the left.)

Want to save some power? How about replacing that hot water tank with a Rinnai tankless hot water heater? (By the way this water heater uses natural or propane gas just a lot less than a normal gas water heater.)

Towing, does the RV come with a towing package? What are you going to tow? I have a 1999 Suburban that I am considering taking with me. Now I have to figure out what it takes to tow it. (Bad news on this one, my 1975 GMC Palm Beach can not tow more than 6000 Lbs, the truck weighs in at 8000 Lbs...)

Check back for customizing work that I am doing to my 1975 GMC Palm Beach.

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