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The instrument panel needs some work. I have a totaled 1971 El Camino that the parts from the dash will be good replacements for the missing and inoperateable items here. The main instrument panel is missing a switch. The right hand gage has the fuel, temperature, oil pressure, and generator warring lights. To the right of the two main gauges are a set of warning lights for the cruse control, door open, low air (air suspension bags), parking brake on, low fuel, and set power level. Of these only the Door Open light works. As I mentioned in the opening page the heat doesn't work. The AC does work but of the seven vents for the AC only two were putting out any air and that was not a very high volume. Fortunately the AC fan and destitution box is out in the open compared to other cars and trucks of this era - they were tucked behind the right wheel well on the firewall.

The dash has added gages, the radio doesn't work. The warring lights are either burnt out or inoperateable, there are switches missing and added switches that don't work. The steering wheel is original equipment, that is very unusual! And the horns work, for a vehicle this old that is extremely unusual!
The stering wheel is the original!

This side panel has broken switches, what they do is unknown at this time. The AC/Heat vent is not working.
Broken switches...

The two gages on the left don't work, the two on the right are the oil pressure and temperature gauges. There is a push button next to the gauges for the air compressor, on the left side wall above the parking brake is a switch labeled 'Air Compressor' which doesn't work so that is one fix that needs to be done..
Extra gages that don'r work...

The windshield wiper switch only has one speed and the windshield wash push button is missing (next to the head light switch. And the steering wheel is broke under the add on padding.
Windshield wiper switch and washer button broke...

This is a panel someone added in with a CB and what looks like a map case.
CD, but dead...

This black orb is a speaker for the CB but I am going to use the over head speaker above the drivers seat for the CB. The two decals in the glove box are original equipment decals, neat!
These two decals in the glove box are original equipment decals.

The three gauges here are inoperateable, the left and right gauges are amperage and the middle one is a thermometer.
More non-functional gages...

Originally the idea was to restore this coach to the 1975 condition and functionality the way it came out of the GMC factory. But due to the economy a lot of the small business that supplied the parts have gone out of business, the parts may still be there but the people that were selling/reconditioning them are not.

This makes a restoration back to factory condition almost impossible for the average DIYer that wants to do it right.

Instead of repairing the dash instruments back to original condition (I found a small business that would take the original instrument clusters and recondition them, but before I could afford the cost of the work they went out of business, that was in 2010). So I bought an upgraded instrument panel and cover for the one shown here.

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